Benefit from a fully customized farming unit.

Do your farming all year round without worrying about weather, high cost of fertilizer, and in-person monitoring. This is a cutting edge technology just for you!


How does an Ecocapsule work?

An Ecocapsule utilizes a technology called aquaponics to produce high yield of crops and fish. Here, when you feed the fish, they secrete urine and solid wastes which are turned into fertilizers after undergoing a series of reaction. The fertilizers known as nitrates are then absorbed by plant roots before the water goes back to the fish tank. In this system, you do not need to do frequent water changes since it it self cleaning through the balancing of the needs of crop and fish. In order to improve its productivity, we use a robotic vehicle to feed the fish depending on the sensor readings of the fish water. All activities can be monitored through a dashboard which can either be accessed by computer or smartphone. Each planting cycle involves 2000 fish reared for 5 months and 1000 heads of crops grown after every 4 months depending on the variety. You will be trained to help you optimized its operation. Additionally, you will have access to an expert who will monitor your unit. All Ecocapsules get monitored by Neruva to ensure you get maximum production and yield.


Each Ecocapsule comes with the following features and accessories:

  1. 01
    Water pump (1)
  2. 02
    Air pump (1)
  3. 03
    Dosing pumps (6)
  4. 04
    Fan (1)
  5. 05
    Sensors (3)
  6. 06
    Fish water
  7. 07
    Planting cups (1000)and accessories
  8. 08
    Computerized board for monitoring and collecting data
  9. 09
    4-wheel robotic vehicle and fish feed box with capacity to carry 60kgs fish feed. This will last for 2 weeks

Purchasing plan

Purchasing an Ecocapsule is fairly simple. We have put in place an elaborate plan as follows:

  • 01
    Contact us below and our representative will get back to you
  • 02
    After getting your location, our expert will visit your land to collect data. You will then be given feedback and prompted to make payment.
  • 03
    We will then offer you training on its basic operations and schedule the delivery of your Ecocapsule. We will monitor your unit 24/7 and guide you through the whole farming journey.
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