While at JKUAT, three co-founders started the company. One of the founding members came from a family of fish farmers while the rest were born and raised by families practicing crop farming.

As a means of creating a source of income to sustain his living in campus, one of the co-founders discovered that the whole process of farming was expensive and exhaustive. This was primarily the case while farming with his mother in their rural home. During that time, his crops were destroyed by an aggressive disease as a result of late planting.

After investing his savings and registering losses, he embarked on a quest to find a solution by combining his knowledge and the skills of his college friends to form Neruva. They began a mission to transform each country to become a healthy food economy.


Our team includes thinkers, doers, and achievers who share a common goal of accelerating the adoption of healthy food and sustainable agriculture as a profitable and sustainable venture. We have learned to embrace each other and never give up. We love one another, encourage each other but most importantly, we think BIG.

We are always looking for crazy, innovative, and driven people. Contact us if you can add value to our mission!

the future

At Neruva we believe we are best suited to solve the problems in agriculture. We still enjoy farming even though we come from different education background. Each team member has a passion to transform this planet.

We have never forgotten our roots and we strongly want to see a new shift in agriculture where the world will develop through a healthy food economy. Our friendship, belief, and background is our greatest asset.