ECOCAPSULE. Your new farming experience

We make anyone with no experience to become an expert farmer. Leverage the latest technology to grow crops and fish organically.

Make a change today

Revolutionary farming machine.

We’ve built the Ecocapsule to simplify your farming. You can work in your office as the app, sensors, and a robot does the farming for you.

Make a change today

Get the most harvest out of small land.

With zero use of soil, take advantage of cheap unfertile land to harvest abundantly throughout the year.



fish per year


organic crops every 4 months


square meters size

Earn Ksh.800,000 per year from sale of fish and organic crops

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Grow a variety of high value organic crops

Fancy growing bak choi, lettuce, parsley, strawberries and more for export? Get the most value for money by engaging in high value farming

Have access to tilapia all year round

With no frequent water changes required, rear an abundance of fish all year round with the Ecocapsule. A robot simplifies the fish feeding program for you

Track daily performance

Get the best out of farming by tracking and getting real-time data about the performance of your ecocapsule. Each unit runs on its own by adjusting to the set requirement. Your input is minimal

Follow a specific plan made just for you

Use zero pesticides, soil, and fertilizers to increase your yearly revenue. Powered by solar energy, you don't have to worry about high electricity costs. As we track your performance, you get free access to our experts to monitor your system

Our customers get affordable fish feed

We have partnered with the best fish feed makers in the country to maximize your returns all year round.


We have exciting pricing plans for you

We’ve created these pricing plans and products for individuals, restaurants, or organizations. Have a question? Get an in depth view by contacting us.


many possibilities!

Who can benefit from a fully customized Ecocapsule?

Literally everyone. Any person with little farming experience, limited land, work commitment, and veteran farmers can use the Ecocapsule.

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